REVISED 10-15-19

We play using the National Federation High School Rules with the following exceptions:

1. There are no pitching limitations. As we have no knowledge of a pitcher’s use prior to a tournament and each coach knows their players better than anyone we do not enforce any pitching limitations. Every coach’s first priority should be the long-term health and well-being of their players. Once taken out as a pitcher, the player may not re-enter as a pitcher in that game.

2. Games are one hour and forty five minutes in duration. No new inning may begin after the one hour and forty five minute time limit, unless the score is tied. New inning starts immediately upon the completion of the previous inning for time keeping purposes. In the event of tie games, regardless of time remaining, the following applies: Place the person who made the last batted out in the previous inning at second base to start the extra inning, each batter with start their at bat with a 2-1 count. There is a limit of 2 extra innings, if after 2 extra innings the game remains tied it will be scored as a tie in the standings.

3. Umpire may limit warm-up pitches between innings.

4. Teams ahead by fifteen (15) runs at the end of four (4) innings or ten (10) runs at the end of five (5) innings will be declared the winner. Additionally, if during the top of ANY inning the visiting team goes up by 10 runs AND we have passed the one hour and forty-five minute time limit, the game will immediately end and the score will revert back to the score at the end of the previously completed inning. The exception to this rule is if the visiting team began the inning in question trailing, then the home team will receive their last ups. In this case, the score after the home team’s last at bat will be the final score. This rule is in place to keep the tournament on schedule and end lop-sided games that have exceeded the time limit.

5. Games are seven (7) innings in duration.

6. Any team, which does not take the field within fifteen minutes of the scheduled start time, shall forfeit the game upon the opposing team taking the field and throwing the first pitch.

7. There is no mandatory slide rule. Please review the NFHS rules concerning avoiding contact. Runner will be ejected if umpire determines actions were malicious.

8. Balks will be called at ages 10U-14U. Umpires will give each pitcher one warning at the 10U-12U levels. There are no warnings at the 13U and 14U levels (except for A Team Tournaments, where each pitcher will receive 1 warning before penalty).

9. All teams must bat all players in attendance and in uniform for each game. All players can reenter the field at any position, with the exception of the pitcher. Once a pitcher is removed from the game, he cannot return to pitch in that game. In the opinion of the umpires, if a player is forced to leave a game due to an injury and the player cannot continue that players spot in the lineup will be passed over without penalty. That player cannot reenter the game at any point.

10. Each game must begin with at least nine (9) players, but can end with eight (8) players.

11. After first pitch of a team’s first game, no players can be added to a team’s roster.

12. All batters and runners must wear helmets with earflaps. No exceptions.

13. No batting practice or infield practice is to be taken on the infield before any game. Green spaces can be used.

14. Courtesy runners are optional with 2 outs, only for catchers.

15. Games canceled or called due to weather will not be rescheduled. In addition, weather conditions may result in games being shortened for all or part of the tournament. Game cancelations due to weather are under the control of the Field Provider, who has the right to cancel games as they see fit. Any game that completes 3 innings or 2 1/2 if the home team is winning is considered an official game. Furthermore, if a game is called due to weather and less than 2 1/2 or 3 innings have been completed, but the game clock has passed one hour, it is also an official game, score reverts back to last completed inning.

16. No protests allowed. Decisions of the umpires and/or Tournament Director are final. Players, coaches, and spectators are expected to show good sportsmanship at all times. Any COACH or SPECTATOR that is ejected from a game will be banned from the complex for the duration of the tournament. Failure to abide by this rule will result in the team’s forfeiture of all tournament games played or games yet to be played. No refunds will be issued.

17. There are no bat restrictions.

18. Metal spikes are allowed at the 13U & 14U levels only.

19. C Flaps for helmets are allowed if they are either part of the helmet or if an added accessory, if manufactured by the same company that manufactured the helmet.

20. 14U 90/60, 13U 80/54, 12U & 11U 70/50, 10U 65/46, 9U 60/46

21. 10U-14U age levels play real baseball, as does 9U AAA tournaments.

22. On-deck batter must stand facing the back of the hitter

23. Fake bunt, causing infielder to charge in, then swinging away is not allowed. Penalty is dead ball, batter is out.

24. 9U AA and A Tournaments, leading off or stealing is allowed only when the pitch enters the hitting zone. Runner leaving early once will result in a dead ball. Same runner leaves any base early a 2nd time during any single instance as a base-runner will be called out. Drop 3rd strikes are live balls and we play using infield fly rules.

25. Tiebreakers to advance to the championship bracket are as follows: 1.Head to Head (does not apply to ties involving 3 or more teams) 2.Least Runs Allowed 3.Run differential 4.Most Runs Scored 5.Coin Flip.

26. The Tournament Director reserves the right to make changes as necessary. Any and all schedule changes or notices concerning the tournament will be posted online at Teams are expected to access the site as needed throughout the tournament for schedule changes, weather delays and results.

27. Any tournament not played to conclusion will not have a champion declared.